About Us

CoFrame was designed and developed by Social House, Inc., a digital experience group specializing in global social media strategy and creative campaign content.

With over a decade of social media experience from a multitude of industries including fashion, art, design, beauty, beverage and electronics, we bring dynamic and authentic content to over 42 million users per day. The volume became challenging to oversee when solely utilizing shared spreadsheets, so we decided to streamline the process.

We understand the challenges that internal teams and agencies face when managing content or obtaining content approvals. CoFrame allows teams, of all sizes to create, manage, approve and publish content, in real-time all on one easy to use platform.

Welcome to CoFrame.

Norel C. Mancuso
President & CEO, Social House, Inc.
Co-Founder, CoFrame

For press inquires, please contact: sarah@coframeapp.com