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Collaborating on content has never been easier. In four quick steps you and your team will be ready to collectively create, manage, approve and publish social media content in real-time. Lets get you set up.

  • Step 1 - Add your brand by uploading your logo, filling in your brand name and selecting the time zone associated with your brand.
  • Step 2 - Add your social outlets by selecting the logo of the channel you'd like to connect. Once a channel is authorized you'll be able to start managing it within CoFrame.
  • Step 3 - Add new team members and set their profile permissions. Start by uploading a photo of your team member, add them as a new user and fill in their first and last name, job title and email. Then select the social channels these users are permitted to manage. Now we’re ready to assign them a role within the brand.

    We’ve set the default permissions for each role but at anytime you can change a user’s permission by selecting the pencil icon.

    Once you've assigned the appropriate permissions, click the ‘Add’ button and an invite will be mailed to your team member.

  • Step 4 - In our final step, we’ll be adding colored ‘tags’ so you can organize your content to easily access your posts in the future. Tags are meant to classify support efforts on social for specific verticals within your organization. For example, Promotions, Marketing, Spring/Summer, Superbowl. Once your happy with the tags you've created, select ‘Done’ and you're ready to start collaborating!

If at anytime you'd like to change any of your brand settings simply select ‘Settings’ in the left toolbar of your brand.

There are 5 user roles within CoFrame. Each role has been designed to allow users specific permissions to access particular features:

  1. The Master Admin role is the leader of the entire account, with the ability to control all brands on the dashboard as well as manage individual user settings. The Master Admin will have the ability to: Create, Edit, Approve content, View content and review Billing Receipts.
  2. The Manager role allows an assigned user to oversee a brand by granting them access to: Create, Edit, Approve, View content and manage Brand Settings.
  3. The Creator has the ability to create posts and calendars, and can: Create, Edit and View Content.
  4. The Approver has the ability to approve posts and view content.
  5. The Billing role allows your team to access billing receipts in PDF format to store for your records.

These 5 roles were designed to help your internal teams oversee content within the app but you may customize the roles to best fit your business by clicking the “pencil icon” to edit.

To create and schedule content in the CoFrame app select create post in the left toolbar on the brand dashboard page. From there add your social outlets by selecting the logo of the channel you'd like to connect. Then draft copy, upload your content and select the scheduling tabs to set a day and time to make your post live.

If you'd like to have team members review the post before it goes live, utilize the phased approvals. Simply add approvers by selecting them from the drop-down menu, select the scheduling tabs to set a due date for approval, add any notes if necessary and click the submit for approval button. The team members you have added to review the post will instantly receive a notification. 

Implementing a strategy for collaborating with your team has never been easier. Once you've been invited to approve content simply click on the desktop notification, the in app notification or my approvals in the left toolbar on your brand dashboard. See the content in native format by selecting anywhere within the posts frame. Select Edit Requests to send a suggested edit to your team. From here you can upload new suggested copy and content, make changes to the original post, see who's approvals are still pending, schedule a post and post now. Once all approvals have been received the post will be marked complete. 

Easily view and manage native content on a shared publishing calendar allowing you to create a social narrative across multiple platforms, by day, week, month or year. Utilize the drag and drop function to easily arrange your social content to build a curated editorial calendar. Identify gaps in your publishing using the calendar filter to sort by post status, outlet, and tags.

Click any post on the calendar to open a native preview enabling you to edit, schedule, view suggested edits and post content now.

Remember the good ole days when it was announced that today you would be attending an Assembly. How excited you were to be brought together with all your friends. With our patent pending technology bring your entire team together within an assembly room to seamlessly create, manage, approve and publish content via live chat, video or voice.

To get started select Assembly in the left toolbar on the brand dashboard page. The first step is to name your assembly room. Next, invite users to the assembly room by selecting them from the alphabetical list of team members for that specific brand. The team members you have added to your assembly room will instantly receive a notification. From there select which form of communication you would prefer to start your room in; chat, voice or video. You can always change the form of communication once inside your room.

Once inside an assembly room create and publish content in real-time with your team. First, add your social outlet by selecting the logo of the channel you'd like to connect. Then draft copy, upload your content and discuss live with your team all while the room creator makes real-time edits.

At any time you can mute your video and turn off your camera by selecting the phone or camera icons located underneath the live feed. To remove a team member from the room… To add a team member to the room… To remove a team member from the live video… To add a team member to the live video.

When creating content it’s extremely important that you don’t have any mistakes. Any posts to social networks can be captured and saved forever.  By utilizing the drafts tool you can take your time composing content before sending it to team members for review. Take advantage of the tool by simply clicking the save draft button while creating your post. Your post will automatically be sent to the draft section in the left toolbar on the brand dashboard page, open this section at anytime to continue working.